Come…sit your bones down in a Circle.
Share your story.
Hear others’ stories.
See your story change and be changed.
Take your place in the Sacred Circle

Your Life Is Good, Yet Something In You Wants More

Maybe the outer world is nudging you. Your work pays the bills but doesn’t feed your soul.  Somehow, the old way of doing things is just not enough.   You feel a longing, a pulling, a leaning toward….something, but you don’t know what.

There Is A Deeper, Wilder Story Of You Waiting To Be Lived

You have been searching for answers and not finding them, circling around without seeing a clear path forward.

You have a deep sense that there is something that you were born to be in this one precious life of yours.

I believe that the answer to what is longing to be born lies within. I believe your soul is asking to be heard, to be more than heard—to be engaged in sacred conversation

Diving Into The River Below The River

What I have found is that answering the Call to find your deeper story isn’t just a set of steps or questions to move through; it actually requires diving deep into the river below the river, that current flowing below the surface of our lives.

Here, if you are lucky, your might just get swept into the embrace of your own Soul–that terrifying, exhilarating encounter with your own dangerous Wildness, your own certainty, your own questioning, swooping into the Mysterious Conversation happening just below your awareness

This Is Soul Conversation

What I do is take you into deep Conversation, juicy Conversation, Soul Conversation that begins your journey back to yourself, into the wildness and towards the answers that you’ve been seeking.There’s a certain wild magic that happens when people gather and imbibe in the exhilarating back and forth that is human conversation. You start to see the golden threads that glitter hidden in the tapestry of your life. You mine the stories of your life for what works and for what needs to be let go so that the new story of our life can be born. When we start listening to, conversing with our soul, we start conceiving of a whole new way of being in the world.

In this way, we find our own unique place in the web of all beings—that unique place we have been seeking, that place which has been waiting to be found.

What shape are you?

There’s A New Story Of You That Wants To Be Told…..

If you are willing to step into the wildness of who you are, to bring forward that deeper, more authentic you, then say yes to that voice inviting you into a rich Conversation with self, with soul, with the greater world.



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Ellen Grossman, M.S.

I midwife people now who are choosing to say yes to birthing their own genius into the world. If you’d like to explore further, I’d be happy to offer a Complimentary 30 Minute Session to explore how we might work together.

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