The Art of Soul Conversation 

When we set our intention to engage in a conversation with our inner lives, we enter the world of sacred conversation.  As we seek out other, deeper partners to converse with, Sacred Conversation whispers to us of that river beneath the river of conventional conversation, sweeping us into a current that is larger than we are and yet deeply intimate.

You are feeling like you have something unique to give the world, yet are uncertain of what form it should take. A powerful way I’ve found to uncover our true Calling is  to learn tools for connecting to our deep authenticity.

Following are Circle Classes that introduce my favorite tools for enhancing our conversations with self and others. They create the foundation for exploring the deep spaces within.


Exploring the Inner Landscape:

In this class, we begin getting acquainted with our own sacred inner landscape. Using Hank Wesselman’s Journey to the Sacred Garden and in the sacred container of a circle, we explore shamanic tools as a portal into our own deep imaginal lives.  



Exploring the Wild Mind

Here we take the shamanic tools that we have learned and put them to use exploring Bill Plotkin’s Map of the Psyche. Using his book Wild Mind, we’ll begin to explore the archetypes of the four directions 



Exploring our Inner Selves

In this class, we embrace our Selves…ALL of them. Using the Internal Family Systems model, we begin getting acquainted with the many Voices speaking within us.

Working in a group is a deeply powerful process. The act of being witnessed as we each share what is true supports a feeling of acceptance within ourselves. Often what someone else shares will trigger insight or resonate for you. It is a powerful thing to drop into strong emotion and see that it moves others by its authenticity.
It’s helpful to listen to other people’s stories. Sometimes I can relate, sometimes I can’t, but it really helps me to see that I’m not alone in what I am experiencing. I see that everybody has their stuff and we’re all complex beings.

These 3 classes provide the foundation of the circle work that I offer. They are meant to be taken in sequence, building a language that the group can share.

This work is for you if

  • You are someone who takes responsibility for self
  • You’ve explored many paths to self-knowledge, self-improvement and still find yourself seeking that elusive something
  • You know you have your own answers, yet you also know that mentoring really can make the difference in accessing those answers
  • You need help teasing out the questions in order to then go deeper and find those answers.
  • You know the power of Council circles
  • You are not afraid of diving deep
  • You are certain you have a gift to give the world, yet you might not know exactly what it is or how to give it.
  • You are feeling a longing to step into a new way of being in the world
  • You may have achieved many of the goals that you set for yourself—the job, the partner, the kids, yet you sense your next stage beckoning, beckoning you into a whole new way of being.
  • You might not know what that means, but you sense that if you don’t answer the call, something in you might die


Being with other people allowed me to go deeper, because they were going deeper. I wasn’t alone. CG

I believe there is something in you longing to be born.  I believe that the answer to what is longing to be born lies within.

I believe your soul is asking to be heard, to be more than heard—to be engaged in sacred conversation

I have met parts of myself that I had been unable or unwilling to face, received help from human, animal, and plant allies, and begun the long yet necessary process of emotional healing and full integration. The bond between people who willingly undergo this journey is indescribable, and Ellen is there as both part of the group and a facilitator, skilled and intuitive. I have become both softer and stronger as a result of this work, more able to trust; I'm more compassionate with myself and others, while also less able to b.s. myself. This is work that operates on every level of human existence and reverberates in all worlds.

Let’s Talk 

I offer a complimentary 30 Minute Session to explore how we might work together.

Ellen Grossman, M.S.

I midwife people now who are choosing to say yes to birthing their own genius into the world. If you’d like to explore further, I’d be happy to offer a Complimentary 30 Minute Session to explore how we might work together.

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