Private Sessions

Private Sessions

I offer private sessions in person or by Skype in which we combine journeywork and Internal Family Systems inspired work to take the deep dive and make the shifts that reverberate through our lives.

60-minutes  $90.00

The patterns of your life repeat themselves until you listen. Forgive this. Say now what you have to say.

~ Jan Zwicky

Conversation with Our Selves, or Inviting Our Selves to the Table

There are many voices within us, some strong, some more unconscious.  Each one of us has parts that were wounded, and parts that were deemed unacceptable, shunted into the shadows where we hope they won’t cause trouble.  We have parts that try to protect us by keeping us small and safe.  All of these parts are welcomed to the table; we don’t pick and choose.  In fact, we need each of these voices in order to be whole, and move into the world with all of our genius.

Saying YES to this deeper Conversation opens us to something that is bigger than us, that seems at once achingly familiar and yet delightfully startling. It allows us to start living our lives from the inside out; exuberantly, soulfully, giving to the world the unique gift that we and we alone have come to give. When we say YES to this Soul Conversation, we are tapped into the powerhouse of our own Self Wisdom. Our work, our relationships, our experiences take on a vibrancy, a creativity that springs from living from this inner knowing.

“Private sessions with Ellen allow a deeper dive into the psyche to reclaim, heal and embrace those parts that have been pushed down because of shame, trauma, guilt or fear. It’s where the nuggets gleaned from group sessions and my own journeys/insights meld together. This work is profound and life changing. Thanks to Ellen, each day offers new opportunities to recognize and acknowledge a “part” of my internal system that requires attention, or simply wishes to be noticed, loved and appreciated for its unique contribution to Self and ultimately the Soul.”

Let’s Talk 

I offer a complimentary 30 Minute Session to explore how we might work together.

Ellen Grossman, M.S.

I midwife people now who are choosing to say yes to birthing their own genius into the world. If you’d like to explore further, I’d be happy to offer a Complimentary 30 Minute Session to explore how we might work together.

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