Soul Conversations I

Soul Conversations I

Exploring The Inner Landscape

In this class, we begin getting acquainted with our own sacred inner landscape. Using Hank Wesselman’s Journey to the Sacred Garden and in the sacred container of a circle, we explore shamanic tools as a portal into our own deep imaginal lives.

“Because it is not an organized religion as such, but rather a spiritual practice, shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory.” John Matthews

Evidence of shamanic practices has been found on every inhabited continent.   If any one of us goes back far enough in our ancestry, we will find an ancestor who practiced shamanism.   Every one of us is indigenous, yet we may have been raised in a culture that denies or has cut us off from our deeper knowing.

“In non-indigenous cultures, shamanism is studied and practiced as a life path. Following a shamanistic perspective, individuals seek to be in relationship with the spirit in all things. They seek to use information and guidance from non-ordinary reality to intentionally form their own life experience.” Karen Lawson MD

Some of the Shamanic principles and tools that we will be exploring:

  • Using drumming to alter our consciousness to travel to the realms of the invisible.
  • Journey work as a form of meditation
  • Encountering helping spirits and developing a relationship with them
  • Becoming acquainted with our own Sacred Garden as a metaphor and tool for making changes in the invisible realms that will impact our ordinary reality.

The purpose of this class is to bring us into connection with our own sources of wisdom. When we do this, we reconnect with our personal power, certainty, and healing.

“In reverie, we are not dreaming up something that isn’t there or that we have consciously invented, but allowing something deeper that already exists in our experience to arise and show itself.  Caitlin Matthews

We do this work in a group because it is my belief that the group field not only enhances our personal work, we are nourished by having our experiences witnessed by others and by the opportunity to imbibe  the stories of others.


So, Come…sit your bones down in a Circle.

Share your story.

Hear others’ stories.

See your story change and be changed.

Take your place in the Sacred Circle

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Cost for the series $150.00

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This series is a prerequisite for diving into the deeper waters of Soul Conversation II and III.

Recommended reading:  The Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Traveling in the Spiritual Realms by Hank Wesselman 

“Journeying has been transformative for me. I am so grateful that you introduced it to me. What makes the process so great for me, is that I can take journeying anywhere. It took some time for me to trust it and to let the doubt go. But the thing is that it works! Shifts are happening and I can’t take credit for it.”


“Why do journey work? That’s where I get information and connection with my true inner self., my soul, my feelings, my connection to my higher self. I have a system or way in which I can easily access that information.” 


“Journeying gives me a way to look at things in a way that my critical or analytical mind can’t. It gives another, a necessary way actually, to look at things. It just gives a richness and a depth to my understanding of things in a way I’ve never experienced before. And writing it down, and speaking it is so important. It’s different when it’s just your own process. When you say the journey, it’s like you’re creating a piece of art—you’re translating it and putting it out there for people. Even though it’s just yours, the witnessing adds another element to it.” 


“I am using journeying to break down and understand patterns in my life so that I can have greater choice and have a happier, light-filled, love-filled adult life.” 


“The purpose of this class is to bring us into connection with our own sources of wisdom. When we do this, we reconnect with our personal power, certainty and healing. I think that that is what your work offers—a sense of trust in our own journey and unfolding. That’s what I’ve been working on and cultivating in this work—thanks to the container that you create—allowing us to find my own voice and wisdom.” 


“ I feel like I’ve always had a really strong connection with Spirit. Before working with you I didn’t really know how to directly access it. Doing the journey work has been incredible for me. Now I can access my own questions, access my own answers, my own guides, my own god, my own goodness.”  


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